Monday, October 22, 2018

7 Gadgets Made out of Cardboard

Recyclable cardboard materials have become a popular alternative use for creating new projects to create affordable and promote environmental efforts. Gadgets are energy dependent...

Beginners Guide to Designing Ecommerce Packaging

Conceptualizing your product’s packaging is surely nerve-wracking, especially if you lack design experience or you’re simply clueless about where to begin. Packaging has become...

8 Reasons Why You Should Start a Subscription Box Business

Since the launch of BirchBox in 2010, we now have a dearth of subscription box companies to choose from. While initially only catering to...

Raw Magic Chocolate: The Castle Box That Made an Impact

In the first year after the re-branding and re-packaging, Raw Magic Chocolate almost doubled THEIR sales, without selling to any more retail locations. Raw Magic...

Tills Taste: A Journey Filled with Mixtured Spices

Till's Tastes received a considerable amount of positive reviews and engagement on their packaging during several food shows in san francisco This 6-year-old boy from...

Guide to Cost-Effective Premium Packaging

According to packaging authority Smithers Pira, the luxury packaging market is steadily growing by 4.4% per year, and paperboard accounts for 42% of luxury...

Emboss vs Deboss in Packaging

Embossing for Printing and Packaging Embossing is a popular finishing technique for packaging and printed items. It creates visual complexity by adding a new dimension to...
AQ coating

What is Aqueous Coating for Printing and Packaging?

In order to make a lasting impression on your target market, your product packaging needs to be attractive and it must have the "wow"...

What is a Dieline in Packaging & Print?

In the printing and packaging industry, a dieline - is designed to be the template needed to create the required layout (with the artwork) in...





What is CMYK?

CMYK essentially stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black). The letter K is used for Black because B cannot be used as it...


GSM vs PT Unit System: What Is the Difference?

GSM vs PT Unit System: What Is the Difference? The PT stands for point, while GSM is an acronym for grams per square meter. Both...

What is Foil Stamping?

(Hot) Foil Stamping Foil stamping is a specialty printing process with a wide range of applications, including stationery, labels, product packaging, holiday cards, seals, pocket...